21st – WORKSHOP - HANDS ON OSSICULOPLASTY WORKSHOP on 21st and 22nd July 2018, Kurnool

Dear colleague,
Greetings from Kurnool…

I personally thank all my teachers, colleagues, friends, AOI officer bearers, delegates and sponsors who made our previous Micro Ear Surgery & hands on Temporal Bone Dissection Courses a grand success. We are humbled and as well as inspired by your support and the demand and therefore we have decided to conduct such courses on more regular basis. It gives an immense pleasure to announce of next workshop on the most challenging subject- Ossiculoplasty, So far, we have conducted 20 TBD workshops; we want to focus on an area where the beginners and young ENT surgeons find difficulty- that  is Ossiculoplasty. This course is being planned for the practicing ENT surgeons who are already doing surgery for CSOM; however the beginner may also attend.

The most challenging aspect in CSOM is to improve the hearing - Conductive Hearing Loss., for this we need to do a good Ossiculoplasty, which require practical hands on training of Ossiculoplasty. In this course we make sure each candidate will do all the Ossiculoplasty techniques which we are practicing from 20 years. This workshop includes live demonstration of various Ossiculoplasty techniques, lectures followed by hands on procedures by the individual himself. Each candidate will be given a temporal bone, micro instruments and all the necessary equipment. However, interested colleagues can participate as observers. We look forward for your continued patronage and motivation.
Short and long columella techniques
1.    sculpturing of Incus
2.    sculpturing of Malleus
3.    sculpturing of  Cartilages
4.    TORP&PORP (Both Titanium as well as Teflon)