Instructions for Voters  
1. Voter can cast his vote for 4 different Polls
2. It is not mandatory that he/she should vote in a single login (Voter can login 4 times to vote different Polls)
3. Once the vote is given to a particular Poll he/she cannot change the vote and it freezes
4. Head Office and Editorial Office only 1 vote can be given 
5. Editorial Board (1 - 4 votes) & Governing Council (1 - 9 votes)
6. Voting will be open from 30-11-2016 till 02-02-2017.  If you are not able to vote all 4 polls at the same time you can log off and vote some other time. But once you have voted for a particular Poll, you cannot re-vote for the same poll or change your vote as it freezes.
7. Voters kindly use your login details along with password sent to your mail from any of these ID's:-,, admin2@  admin3@  until only.
      "For any help and support please email to"
Thanks & Regards
AOI Elections 2017