Dear Colleagues,

It’s our pleasure and privilege indeed to be hosting the 49th Maharashtra State ENT Conference 2017 at MUMBAI. MENTCON has been one of the most well attended and well received State Conferences in this country. The academic content, scientific contributions and research papers in MENTCON have always been outstanding.

AOI MUMBAI WEST has been one of the leading state AOI branches in terms of the sheer number of academic events conducted and best branch trophies won! At the 49th MENTCON we promise not to rest on our past laurels but to present to you an event that will astonish you with demonstration of cutting edge technology in ENT, innovative advances in treatment of ENT disorders and new frontiers that the specialty is marching towards.

Taking inspiration from Janus, the two faced Roman god who looks to the past and the future and thereby symbolizes change we shall take you on a journey to the boldest extremes that ENT has reached while keeping us still rooted to the very foundations on which our specialty rests.

And through this Samudra Manthan of ideas we shall churn the sea of academic thought and sate everyone’s grey cells with the Nectar of knowledge.

Last but not the least, this will be an event that will give everyone a chance to don their party hats and see why MUMBAI is the city that never sleeps.

Dr. Ashish N Castellino
Consultant ENT & Head Neck Surgeon
Organizing Committee, MENTCON 2017