“Navigation Guided Live surgical FESS Workshop” on SUNDAY, 28th May, 2017, Delhi

Dear  Colleagues,
The department of ENT at Dr Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital (SCEH), New Delhi, is delighted to announce  “Navigation Guided Live surgical FESS Workshop” on SUNDAY28th May, 2017and invite you to come and be a part of this event. ENT is one of the fastest growing specialty & FESS is the most popular method for treating medicine-refractory sinonasal disease. Anatomical variations and extensive disease can make it a challenge to perform the safest and most effective sinus surgery. With the new technology such as the navigation system, surgeons can now overcome such problems and pilot the relative position of the operative instruments correctly in 3D. We are thus, proud and privileged to have such a session that will help gain in-depth knowledge and skills through the live surgical demonstrations and interactive sessions by renowned surgeons.

We hope to make this workshop an interesting and educative academic event and look forward to welcoming you at SCEH.


Dr Nishi Gupta
Head, Dept of ENT
Dr Shroff's Charity Eye hospital
5027, Kedarnath Road, Daryaganj,
New Delhi-110002

Dr Neeraj Chawla