Otology 25,March 24-26,2017, Bangalore


I am delighted to invite you all to the 25th Anniversary celebrations of my Super Speciality Otology Centre, Vijaya ENT Care Centre.

On this occasion, I am happy to announce that I will be conducting a single faculty surgical fiesta, headed by me, in which I will be showcasing a number of presentations done by me at various International conferences and a variety of live Otological surgeries.

A surgeon's success depends upon his knowledge and skill, which are the two edges of his sword. Most of the workshops impart either theoretical knowledge or practical skills. You will be Surprised to witness a new scenario wherein theoretical concept of Otology and the corresponding Otological procedure will be demonstrated back to back. Yes, this workshop is planned and designed to teach in the best way possible to sharpen both edges of the sword.
Live surgery relay will be via 4 K Technology ( Ultra High Definition 3840 × 2160p), using Vario Zeiss Microscope with 4K camera and 4K screen, first of its kind.

I am very sure that this workshop will be one of its kind, and will be internationally acclaimed. I invite you all to this august and unmatched festival which is bound to mutually benefit us.

I would like to dedicate this workshop to my beloved Guru, Mentor and Philosopher Dr. A. Mahadevaiah, whose teachings ethics and surgical skills, I always try to emulate.

I request you all to register for this unique workshop and make this event a grand success. 

Looking forward to seeing you all in Bangalore
Prof. Dr. Vijayendra Honnurappa