CIGICON 2015,25-27,September,Jaipur,2015

Dear Delegates,
The SMS Medical College and Hospital, jaipur is proud to announce that we are organizing and hosting 13th annual conference of cochlear implant group of India   . SMS is the leading tertiary care center in India and one of the finest educational institutions in this part of world. CIGICON 2015 offers a global platform to interact with pioneers in the rapidly advancing field of cochlear implantation and promises an enriching educational and professional experience. 
Cochlea has been always been a structure of marvel for all : physiologists, researchers, physicists, engineers and ofcourse neurotologists. Even till date we have not been able to decipher its intricacies to full extent. Nature has probably made cochlea the most interesting and complex organ of the body. This conference is being planned with Theme of HOPE ( Help Other People Evolve) to learn from each other and unravel many things about cochlea and cochlear implants. We have a faculty which is mix of masters and youth, experience and new thinking.
We hope that after this journey up the staircase of the inner ear all of us will develop a better understanding of this labyrinth. We look forward to welcoming you to the THE PINK CITY!