Hands on temporal bone dissection course -at basavagudi ent care centre Bangalore -India

      Dear colleagues and friends, Basavagudi ent care centre invites applications to its hands on temporal bone dissection course.
This is a two day course, will be conducted every week and throughout the year. During the course we give intensive,  personally supervised hands on training in both basic and advanced temporal bone dissection, as well as ossiculoplasty and grafting technique
The highlights of our course are only two to four candidates per course, each candidate will be given one wet bone, separate microscope,
intruments and all types of burtips. Most important ample time will given for dissection.
Basavagudi ent care centre is a premier otology centre in India,  has been conducting live surgery workshops for the last 16 years and hands on week- end courses for the last two years. There is good response for our courses from both Indian and foreign doctors. These courses will be guided by the doyen of otology dr.A.Mahadevaiaha and other senior ent surgeons.
For further details contact
Dr.kumaraswamy krishnappa
Phone: 9448086243,  080 26604569
Email: kumaragadur@gmail.combent@bgl.vsnl.net.in
Website: basavagudientcarecentre.com