“The Laryngectomee Guide” and “My voice” books available free

I am happy to inform you that my books "The Laryngectomee Guide” and “My voice, a physician’s personal experience with throat cancer” are available now for free download at the American Academy of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery website:  http://www.entnet.org/HealthInformation/Laryngectomee.cfm
 and http://www.entnet.org/content/ebooks

They are also available for free download at http://dribrook.blogspot.com/

Both are also available as a paperback and Kindle at Amazon.com
I hope that you will find these book useful and informative.


Itzhak Brook MD MSc

Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine
Georgetown University School of Medicine
Washington DC USA
Board Member Head and Neck Cancer Alliance