MegaFESS,Kochi,January 16-7,2015




We are organising yet another course with the
doyens of endoscopic nasal surgery.
Prof. Heinz Stammberger will be back in Kochi with
Prof. David W Kennedy, Prof. Daniel Simmens,Prof.
Gerald Wolf and Prof. Elina Toskala. They will be
joined by expert Indian faculty.
We offer you two days of academic extravaganza.
Do not miss the opportunity to learn from the
people who pioneered the endoscopic approach,
which opened up the route to the nose, sinuses and
Kindly book your return tickets on Sunday the 18th,
since the program will extend late into the evening
on the 17th.
Save the dates, register, come and experience the
academics which includes lectures, cadaveric
demonstrations, & live surgeries.

Dr. George Varghese
Organising Chairman

Registration: Ms. Umadevi Mob: +919249867966