Conference Report: CME held at Khanpur Medical College,, Haryana on 23.2.2014

Dr.Yadav.Dr.Ajau Goyal,DR,Kakkar, and many prominent ENt Sturgeon attended. Dr.JC Passy showed a mastoid surgery with reconstruction in pediatric patients Role of laser in Larynx was also shown Following lecturers were held 1- Congenital cholesteatoma- Dr.Uma Garg-HOD & Prof Khanpur 2- Tips to prevent recurrence in mastoid surgery-Dr.Vikas kakkar 3- Sinus ballooning- Dr.Surender Singhal, Chandigrah 4- Laser in laryngeal lesion- Dr.Ajy Goyal-UCMS. Khanpur Medical College is just 2 years old, but the arrnagments made were marvelous. They will gladly hold the Annul AOI-Haryana conference also in 2014 IS there any site of national AOI-which displays members information Good day Again appreciating your efforts Dr. Arun Gupta-92551-15289, Jind,Haryana Past AOI(Hr) Patron