The India Group announces an ‘’Academic Revolution: An Evolution in Teaching and Training’’: 2 full days of a cadaver dissection demonstration based educational program. ,March 1-2,Pune

Dear Colleagues,
 This event is devoted to Anatomy (the alphabet of a surgeon). 
The Program involves beginning from basic paranasal sinuses and otology dissection to advanced endoscopic and microscopic dissection of entire skullbase and detailed demonstration of all skullbase approaches including relevant intracranial anatomy.This will be supplemented in between by relevant surgical video clips and thorough discussion of radiological aspects.
1st – 2nd March, 2014

Patron: Dr Virendra Ghaisas
Dissection Faculty: Dr Ashim Desai I Dr Satish Jain I Dr Ashesh Bhumkar
MIMER Medical College, Talegaon Dabhade, Pune, Maharashtra India, Zip – 410 507

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