COCHLEAR Course (8th – 9th March 2014, SMS Medical College, Jaipur)

Cochlea has always been a structure of marvel for all: physiologists, researchers, physicists, engineers and, of course, neurotologists. Even till date we have not been able to decipher its intricacies to full extent. This course is being planned to learn from each other and unravel many things about cochlea and cochlear implants. We have a faculty which is mix of masters and youth, experience and new thinking. We hope that after this cruise of 2 days through travelling waves of cochlea, we would be wiser than before. Day 1 (8th March 2014): Live Surgeries: 23 cases of hearing loss waiting for cochlear implantation. Hoping to cover as many as humanely possible and with as much variety as possible. Cases with normal cochleovestibular anatomy, labrynthitis ossificans, cochlear malformations: a mixed bag of all, depending on referendum amongst delegates (Kejriwal way) The ever cool and genuine, Dr Ameet Kishore, Senior Consultant, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital will be demonstrating transmastoid facial recess approach. The utmost humble and innovative, Dr Rajesh Vishwakarma, Professor and Head, BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad will be demonstrating the Veria approach. Lectures by various invited faculty about each and every aspect of cochlear implant (what it is?, candidacy: audiological and radiological, surgical aspects, complications, rehabilitation, how to start a program, etc) Day 2 (9th March 2014): Hands on Temporal Bone Dissection Course (limited stations, first come first basis) After seeing the surgeries, we hope to train a few of interested delegates on temporal bone about various techniques of cochlear implant and few other ear surgeries. We will also hear about proper usage of microscopes, drills, burrs, microinstruments and new instruments by few Professors of Instrumentology!! Delegate fee: Rs 1000/- for attending whole Cruise + Rs 1500/- for those who want to do it and feel it themselves (Dissectors) + Rs 500/- for those who want to observe this being done closely (Observers) For details please contact: Course chairperson: Prof Man Prakash Sharma Co-Chairpersons: Prof DP Gupta, Prof Beni Prasad Organising Secretary: Dr Mohnish Grover Convener: Dr Shashank Nath Singh