Dear colleagues
Basavanagudi ent care Centre is one of the premier ent institutes in India. We are conducting live ear surgery work shop for the last 14 years. Now we are very happy to announce that we are conducting week end hands WEEK-END on temporal bone dissection course, these courses are offered throughout the year with prior appointment. One or two candidates are accepted for each course. These courses will be guided by doyen of otology Dr.A.MAHADEVAIAH and other senior ENT surgeons. It is a two day course. It is divided into category A and category B. In category A we provide one wet temporal bone and the following exercises will be taught.

1)Myringotomy and grommet incersion
3)Cortical mastoidectomy
4) Epitympanotomy
5)  Facial recess approach
6 )Cochleastomy and cochlear implantation
7) Trans-mastoid facial nerve decompression
8)  Endolymphatic sac decompression
9)  Open cavity mastoidectomy
10) Labrinthectomy and  approach to internal auditory meatus

In category B we provide two wet temporal bones and following excercises will be taught In the 1st bone
1)Myringotomy and grommet incersion
5)Transcanal facial nerve decompression
6)Transcanal labyrinthectomy
7)Transcanal approach to internal auditory meatus
8)Exposure of carotid artery and jugular bulb

And in the 2nd bone
1)Cortical mastoidectomy
2) Epitympanotomy
3) Facial recess approach
4) Cochleastomy and cochlear implantation
5) Extended facial recess approach
6) Trans-mastoid facial nerve decompression
7) Endolymphatic sac decompression
8) Open cavity mastoidectomy
9) Trans- mastoid labrinthectomy and approach to internal auditory meatu

The salient features of our work shop are we provide one microscope to one candidate, one to one interaction with faculty. Ample time for dissection. All types of bur tips and micro instruments  will be provided. Lectures and videos of surgeries will be shown

Fee particulars
For category A  PG’S Rs 4,000, Consultants Rs 5,000 and Foreigner- 150 USD
For category B  PG’S Rs 7,500, consultants  Rs 9000 and  Foreigner- 300 USD

Course Director: Dr.A.Mahadevaiah MBBS, DABO, FAAO (USA)
Course coordinator Dr.Kumaraswamy Krishnappa

For correspondence contact
Dr.Kumaraswamy Krishnappa
Basavanagudi ENT care centre, 44/1 H.B.Samaja road, Basavanagudi, Bangalore 560 004 India.
Phone no 91-9448086243,   91-80-26604569
e-mail  kumaragadur@gmail.com and kumaragadur@hotmail.com