ENT ENDOSCOPY 2013 Cannes, France in 2013, November 29-30th


This meeting is dealing with all the endoscopic procedures in all the fields of ENT and also this year in maxillofacial and lacrimal surgery
This is an international meeting with speakers and participants from all over the world :
- scientific sessions with many surgical videos
- technological sessions
- a Movie Challenge enabling to surgeons to present videos in a kind of festival
- a continuous anatomic endoscopic video session 
and many other news ...

I would like to propose to ENT colleagues to attend this meeting because I already know that some of them would like to attend after our discussions in previous meetings
Of course if some of them want also to be speakers, it would be a pleasure
I am convinced that our colleagues would be really very interested as this is a very innovative meeting with practical sessions, new technologies. Speakers are international experts in each speciality

Stephane AYACHE
 ORPAC (Department of Head and Neck Surgery)
Private Hospital Center Clinique du Palais
IWGEES (International Working Group on Endoscopic Ear Surgery)
Chairman of ENT ENDOSCOPY meeting
25 Chiris avenue
06130 Grasse, France
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e-mail : ayachestef@orange.fr – orpac-grasse@hotmail.fr
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