Training for ENT Surgeons

ENT Sx Training is a professional Surgical Training Organisation having tie ups with ENT Hospitals offering a variety of training courses for the ENT Surgeon. We are the only organisation in India offering such a variety of courses for the trainee ENT Surgeon with our multiple centre tie up. Our Centers have the experience of running training courses for the past five years and a lot of Local and International ENT Surgeons have benefitted from our programmes. All our centres are equipped with world class equipments to train surgeons, so that the ENT Surgeon gets a condition similar to his own Operating Room. All courses are Comprehensive, with teaching classes, instructional videos and pre and post operative patient assessments. You should choose us for your training since all our partner hospitals are carefully selected and they have a proven track record of training ENT Surgeons for more than 10 years. So there will be no disappointment to you since we take responsibility for your training. All our courses would be one on one; we do not encourage more than one trainee in the Operating Room, this allows for greater interaction with the trainees. The Surgeons who conduct these courses are experts in their fields and have the experience of doing thousands of surgeries. Lectures, wet labs and step by step approach to surgical training will be provided. Training would be done by expert surgeons who are experienced in training Residents and Fellow Ophthalmologists. Assistance would be provided to the trainees in every step of his training process. Please post info about our site In your blog for the benefit of Surgeons Thanks and Regards Dr.Senthil MBBS DO FICO