MAA-ENT 2013


Dear Friends,

Thanks For the tremendous response for our 25th workshop on 8th,9th &10th Feb 201 3. This 3 day
workshop  have demonstrations, |ectures &  surgeries that  be conducted by none other than
Prof. PJ.  Prof. D5. Sethi, Prof. Scott Graham a|ongside with distinguished Nationa| and
|nternationa| Facu|ty.

Happy to invite you  once over again.

yours tru|y,
Organizing Committee

Tech Show

(First of its |Teci1no|ogy demonstration by Facu|ty and Engineers of
different companies.
Understand the performance of cameras, monitors,
o|ebric|ers and |asers.

This wi|| be running  as we|| as 5-7 pm every day.
Care of equipment.

Best usage of  in day to clay practice.