Advanced Techniques In Endoscopic Management of Sinonasal Disorders Hands-On Cadaver Dissection with Image Guidance November 1 – 3, 2012

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 Honored Guests Include Drs Kennedy & Stammberger

Course Overview This is the second biennial “Advanced Techniques in Endoscopic Management of Sinonasal Disorders” CME symposium that focuses on comprehensive evaluation and care of diseases involving the nose and paranasal sinuses. Through the unique expertise of internationally recognized otolaryngologists, and physician experts from other disciplines (Allergy & Immunology, Neuroradiology, Neurosurgery, Pediatric Infectious Disease, Pediatric Otolaryngology) we are able to deliver a rich educational program. Specific topics include: relevant nasal and sinus anatomy, physiology, imaging technologies and their application (including radiation safety for children). We also have a special focus on pediatric rhinosinusitis this meeting. In addition, we will cover the management of sinus complications, pediatric extra-esophageal gastric reflux, headache and head pain evaluation, stepwise management of simple to complex frontal sinus disease, medical therapies for rhinosinusitis, and management of skull base defects and tumors. ......
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