Milano Masterclass,2013

Dear Colleague and Friend,
Since its conception over a decade ago, the Milano Masterclass has amazed its founders and participants with an exponential growth rate, increasing popularity, and the ability to evolve and encompass new fields of knowledge. Milano Masterclass has surpassed all our expectations, becoming the best attended event in Europe and one of the top 3 worldwide. Milano Masterclass’ hallmark of featuring the most innovative and talented surgeons practicing today continues to attract surgeons from around the world. The number of participants gives witness to the success of Milano Masterclass from its inception in the year 2001: more than 2000 participants, from 82 different countries have visited us in the past 10 years. Patients throughout the world have greatly benefited from teaching surgical skills at the highest level. The 7th edition of Milano Masterclass will introduce exciting new ideas and top-surgeons from around the globe, foster the cohabitation of diversity with unanimity, and expand the gold standards of best practice. While the first half of the Masterclass will concentrate on cutting edge techniques in endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery, the latter half will explore the spectrum of rhinoplasty from minimally invasive measures to radical, structural changes. The participants will have ample time to immerse themselves in the hottest contemporary aspects through a problem-solving format. Other sessions will utilise case discussions to highlight pitfalls in practice, shed light onto current safe techniques, and provide examples of excellence in everyday practice with the aid of videos and case-discussions. One of the key aspects of the Masterclass will consist of a series of video-clips called "Images in Motion." In order to avoid the lengthy and at times tedious nature of live surgery - some rhinoplasties in live surgery sessions last longer than a liver transplant - the video demonstrations will allow the participants to virtually enter the operating room. Experts will then guide the participants through the technique in great detail, thereby providing them with a documented approach to the results of the procedure. The 7th edition of Milano Masterclass will also offer a new and unique opportunity: the one-day “Intensive Training Camp” on March 27 will concentrate on creating the fundamentals for a successful career in facial plastic surgery, and learning the finer points of surgical practice from internationally acclaimed masters. While younger surgeons will learn about the most important pillars of excellence in practice, more seasoned practitioners will have the opportunity to refresh their ideas in critically important areas. As we are seeking new ideas from around the world, each segment will feature on “Open Free-Papers Forum”. So, if you wish to share a personal innovation with an international audience, welcome to the 7th edition of Milano Masterclass. If you have missed this meeting in previous years, make sure that you will be with us in 2013. For those who have attended previous editions, we will ensure that you will love again the experience of being fully immersed in this special event. Historic Milan, famed for her architecture, hidden corners, world-renowned fashion houses, and fine cuisine will be a terrific setting for this world-class meeting. Get ready to think differently. Come and join us in Milan in March 2013! Paolo Castelnuovo, MD Pietro Palma, MD Co-Directors, International Milano Masterclass

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