Comment of the day..What would be ENT after 50 years...?Imagine....

‎Learning ENT

1.stem cells.. at least.. in next few years...
no cochlear implants for deafness, no suffering for anosmia

2. Regeneration of resected organs, larynx, tongue and mandible...

3. Nanomites for surgery.. programmable microrobots infused in body and programmed to resect the site, after which they will get extruded from the area leaving the site for reconstruction

4. identification of hitherto unknown agent for cancer, and cancer vaccination.

5. thin fibre endoscopes, no need to resect turbinates and septum for access to difficult area.

6. like capsule endoscopy, development of micro vehicles with camera to enter sinuses and middle ear via ETO and give high resolution inside view

7. swallowing triggered totally implantable pumps for ETO which will pump in air in ME cleft periodically so to prevent the whole process for retracted tm and cholesteatoma.

8. command operated robotic surgery.. just guide the robot to the area and tell it what all parts to resect and monitor its job.. drink your tea and catch up on the newspaper while it does the job..

‎9. CT scan would be out.. holograms would take their place.. you would be able to scan the patient and then project the hologram in your clinic, magnify it and walk through the patient's sinuses and middle ears as you see the disease and plan the management...

10. Antibiotics would be out, you would have boosters for T cells and NK cells..

11. All healthcare will be government owned and managed. private healthcare concept would be out..

Dr Harpreet Singh Kochar (Greater Noida)