1st announcement for Ist Otological implants workshop( with hands on temporal bone dissection)



  1st announcement for 1st Otological implants workshop (with hands on temporal bone dissection)   to be held at Sir Ganga Ram hospital, New Delhi from 13th to 15th October 2012
The ENT Department & Cochlear Implant Unit of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital will be organizing the  1st Otological Implants Workshop with hands-on temporal bone dissection, between 13 to 15 October 2012. The workshop will include live surgeries of cochlear implantation, BAHA, middle ear implants etc, lectures, panel discussions, interactive sessions on Day 1 followed by hands on temporal bone dissection to take the delegates through the steps of otological surgery including Cochlear Implantation on Day 2 & 3.              
This is perhaps the first time in the country that a course is being conducted with hands on temporal bone dissection dedicated to teaching CI surgery in addition to the standard dissection. This will give a feel to the delegates of performing the actual steps involved in this advanced otological procedure. Those delegates shortlisted for the hands-on on the temporal bone dissection will be provided with wet temporal bones, microscope, dummy CI electrode arrays, micromotor drills & burrs, suction irrigators, etc. Our experienced faculty will be around to guide you with the various steps of the surgical procedure.  We aim at 7-8 hours of drilling time to each delegate enrolled for the temporal bone dissection. The dissection session will start with a demonstration of steps of CI surgery on the screen on wet temporal bone&/or live patient. Seats for the hands on temporal bone dissection will be limited.
Since our course is aimed at giving a hands-on feel of CI surgery, we feel the hands-on temporal bone dissection will benefit only those who already have reasonable experience in performing otological procedures independently. With this end in view, we will screen the biodatas of candidates for hands on temporal bone dissection.  The biodata in the proforma as enclosed must reach the conference secretariat positively by 14th August 2012. Please mail the biodata to :-
Dr Shalabh Sharma, E  14 / 4 b, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi    110057
Or email to-  otoimplantunit@yahoo.com

Day 1 : Live surgery workshop with lectures and panel discussion on CI (For all delegates)
Days 2 & 3 : Temporal bone dissection with lectures (For those registered for Temporal Bone    Dissection)

Formal brochure & detailed programme of the workshop will follow on this website later.
Since places for the hands on temporal bone dissection will be limited, please send only your bio-datas for screening as soon as possible.  Please do not send registration fees at this stage.
Dr Ajay Swaroop, Chairman, Department of  ENT, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital(SGRH)
Dr A K Lahiri Director, Cochlear Implant Services, SGRH
Dr Shalabh Sharma Deputy Director, Cochlear Implant Services, SGRH
Dr Satinder Singh Consultant, Cochlear Implant Services, SGRH
Mrs Asha Agarwal Consultant Cochlear Implant Audiologist, SGRH
Dr Divya Aggarwal Senior ENT Surgeon, Railway Hospital, SPM Marg, Delhi-6