“Oman Obstructive Sleep Apnea Course 2012 on 15th 16th and 17th Dec”



First announcement The department of Otolaryngology, Head Neck surgery and communication disorders, Al Nahadha Hospital, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman is organizing “Oman Obstructive Sleep Apnea Course 2012 on 15th 16th and 17th Dec” The preliminary program and the course details are attached with this mail. I would request you upload this advertisement in your web site “Otolaryngology Update” and oblige
Thanks for your support
Dr. Ashok Verma MS, DNB, FRCS, FICS, MAMS Senior Consultant, ENT;
 Head Neck and Sleep surgery P O Box 937, Postal Code 112, Ruwi Al Nahdha hospital,
 Sultanate of Oman
Tele: +96899412641

1st announcement for Ist Otological implants workshop( with hands on temporal bone dissection)



  1st announcement for 1st Otological implants workshop (with hands on temporal bone dissection)   to be held at Sir Ganga Ram hospital, New Delhi from 13th to 15th October 2012
The ENT Department & Cochlear Implant Unit of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital will be organizing the  1st Otological Implants Workshop with hands-on temporal bone dissection, between 13 to 15 October 2012. The workshop will include live surgeries of cochlear implantation, BAHA, middle ear implants etc, lectures, panel discussions, interactive sessions on Day 1 followed by hands on temporal bone dissection to take the delegates through the steps of otological surgery including Cochlear Implantation on Day 2 & 3.              
This is perhaps the first time in the country that a course is being conducted with hands on temporal bone dissection dedicated to teaching CI surgery in addition to the standard dissection. This will give a feel to the delegates of performing the actual steps involved in this advanced otological procedure. Those delegates shortlisted for the hands-on on the temporal bone dissection will be provided with wet temporal bones, microscope, dummy CI electrode arrays, micromotor drills & burrs, suction irrigators, etc. Our experienced faculty will be around to guide you with the various steps of the surgical procedure.  We aim at 7-8 hours of drilling time to each delegate enrolled for the temporal bone dissection. The dissection session will start with a demonstration of steps of CI surgery on the screen on wet temporal bone&/or live patient. Seats for the hands on temporal bone dissection will be limited.
Since our course is aimed at giving a hands-on feel of CI surgery, we feel the hands-on temporal bone dissection will benefit only those who already have reasonable experience in performing otological procedures independently. With this end in view, we will screen the biodatas of candidates for hands on temporal bone dissection.  The biodata in the proforma as enclosed must reach the conference secretariat positively by 14th August 2012. Please mail the biodata to :-
Dr Shalabh Sharma, E  14 / 4 b, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi    110057
Or email to-  otoimplantunit@yahoo.com

Day 1 : Live surgery workshop with lectures and panel discussion on CI (For all delegates)
Days 2 & 3 : Temporal bone dissection with lectures (For those registered for Temporal Bone    Dissection)

Formal brochure & detailed programme of the workshop will follow on this website later.
Since places for the hands on temporal bone dissection will be limited, please send only your bio-datas for screening as soon as possible.  Please do not send registration fees at this stage.
Dr Ajay Swaroop, Chairman, Department of  ENT, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital(SGRH)
Dr A K Lahiri Director, Cochlear Implant Services, SGRH
Dr Shalabh Sharma Deputy Director, Cochlear Implant Services, SGRH
Dr Satinder Singh Consultant, Cochlear Implant Services, SGRH
Mrs Asha Agarwal Consultant Cochlear Implant Audiologist, SGRH
Dr Divya Aggarwal Senior ENT Surgeon, Railway Hospital, SPM Marg, Delhi-6


DATES-SEP 28,29,30 2012.
DR.KR.KANNAPPAN – 9443022305
DR.RAJA GANESH-9443060124.
                       TILL 31 MAY     TILL 31 AUG     SPOT
       DELEGATES       3,500           4,000           4,500
       P.G STUDENTS    2,000           2,500           3,000
       & SPOUSE
               KODAI ORL 2012,
               DEPARTMENT OF ENT,
               GOVT RAJAI HOSPITAL

BASICS OF OTOLOGY WORKSHOP Gwalior MP, India 2nd - 4th November 2012

Gwalior MP, India
2nd - 4th November 2012
Accredited by MP Medical Council

Course Director
Dr S R Agrawal

International Faculty
Dr Richard Irving (UK)

National Faculty
Dr A Mahadeviah (Manglore)
Dr K P Morwani (Mumbai)
Dr Kapil Sikka (AIIMS, Delhi)
Dr Madhuri Mehta (Hissar)
Dr Rahul Agrawal (Gwalior)

2nd November 2012

1. Video of temporal bone Dissection
2. Surgical anatomy of temporal bone -Dr Rahul Agrawal
3. Surgical anatomy of cochlear implant -Dr Richard Irving
4. How to read CT scan Temporal bone -Dr Rahul Agrawal
5. Tympanoplasty - Dr Richard Irving
6. Bone review

3rd - 4th November 2012

1. Welcome Address - Dr S R Agrawal
2. Stapedotomy - Dr Richard Irving
3. Inside out mastoidectomy - Dr K P Morwani
4. Cochlear implant - Dr Richard Irving
5. Evaluation for cochlear implant - Dr Kapil Sikka
6. Intratympanic medication - Dr A Mahadeviah
7. Complications of CSOM - Dr Rahul Agrawal
8. Middle ear implants - Dr Richard Irving
9. Management of vertigo - Dr Richard Irving
10. Evaluation of a patient with giddiness - Dr Kapil Sikka
11. Management of facial nerve - Dr Rahul Agrawal
12. Rehabilitation of open cavity - Dr A Mahadeviah
13. Malignant otitis externa - Dr K P Morwani
14. Cartilage ossiculoplasty - Dr A Mahadeviah

Note: Live surgeries will be on 3rd & 4th November

Dr. Rahul Agrawal
Agrawal Hospital & Research Institute
H-15, Chetakpuri
Gwalior- 474009 (M.P.) INDIA
Phone : +91-751-2423700 / 2423701
Mobile : +91-9425101601
Email : agrawalrahul77@rediffmail.com

Pan-Asia Academy Of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 3rd Annual International Conference Feb. 22-24, 2013 Mumbai INDIA

 Dear Colleagues We are pleased to announce that the 3rd PAFPRS Annual Conference will be held at “Dr.Neetu Mankde auditorium, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Mumbai. On behalf of the “Pan Asia Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery” and the “Indian society of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”, it is a real pleasure to invite you to this academic event. This meeting will be hosting important facial plastic surgeons from all over the Asia who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise with fellow colleagues. Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, a special field, has been considerably advanced in recent We are pleased to announce that the 3rd PAFPRS Annual Conference will be held at “Dr.Neetu Mankde auditorium, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Mumbai. On behalf of the “Pan Asia Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery” and the “Indian society of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”, it is a real pleasure to invite you to this academic event Mumbai will not only be a place to acquire knowledge. The beauty and magic of this cosmopolitan city combined with the warmth of the climate and Indian hospitality will make it an experience worth having. On behalf of the PAFPRS and THE ISFPRS , we are delighted to invite you to attend the conference in Mumbai . We look forward to seeing you and your families in Mumbai.
 Head Office Baser's ENT &
Facial Plastic Surgery Center 9/2, Manormaganj Street No. 5 Indore-452001 INDIA
 Phone: +91-731-2496308 +91-731-4064080
 Website: www.cosmeticrhinoplastyindia.com E-mail: baserbv@gmail.com, anshulvijay@hotmail.com

Third Pan-Arab Rhinology Society Conference in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman between 5-7 November 2012


Dear colleagues,, I would like to welcome you to the Third Pan-Arab Rhinology Society Conference in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman between 5-7 November 2012. It is organized by ENT division, department of Surgery, College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), in association with Pan-Arab Rhinology (PARS) and Oman ORL Societies. The theme of the conference is Advances in Rhinology Research and Surgeries with multiple key note lectures, instruction courses and live dissection. We are going to have number of experts in Rhinology from different parts of the globe such as Prof, H. Stammberger We would like to encourage residents to participate in the conference presentations, therefore resident with abstract presentation (either oral or poster) will have free registration and prizes will be awarded to the best three oral and posters presentations. In addition ten Residents nominated with research by His HoD from Arab World will be given free accommodation at SQU Campus. Moreover, we will extend the free registration to all PARS active members as a gesture from SQU while the active members of Oman ORL and GCC ORL Societies will have reduced registration fees. Finally, I wish you a pleasant stay in Oman.
 Best Wishes
Rashid Al-Abri

 Dr Sudesh Kumar MS (PGI,Chandigarh),DNB
Senior Specialist ENT SQUniversity Hospitals ,muscat Oman

Comment of the day..What would be ENT after 50 years...?Imagine....

‎Learning ENT

1.stem cells.. at least.. in next few years...
no cochlear implants for deafness, no suffering for anosmia

2. Regeneration of resected organs, larynx, tongue and mandible...

3. Nanomites for surgery.. programmable microrobots infused in body and programmed to resect the site, after which they will get extruded from the area leaving the site for reconstruction

4. identification of hitherto unknown agent for cancer, and cancer vaccination.

5. thin fibre endoscopes, no need to resect turbinates and septum for access to difficult area.

6. like capsule endoscopy, development of micro vehicles with camera to enter sinuses and middle ear via ETO and give high resolution inside view

7. swallowing triggered totally implantable pumps for ETO which will pump in air in ME cleft periodically so to prevent the whole process for retracted tm and cholesteatoma.

8. command operated robotic surgery.. just guide the robot to the area and tell it what all parts to resect and monitor its job.. drink your tea and catch up on the newspaper while it does the job..

‎9. CT scan would be out.. holograms would take their place.. you would be able to scan the patient and then project the hologram in your clinic, magnify it and walk through the patient's sinuses and middle ears as you see the disease and plan the management...

10. Antibiotics would be out, you would have boosters for T cells and NK cells..

11. All healthcare will be government owned and managed. private healthcare concept would be out..

Dr Harpreet Singh Kochar (Greater Noida)

Portsmouth Transoral Pharyngo-Laryngeal Laser Course Venue: Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth, UK,4th-6th October 2012

Portsmouth Transoral
Laser Course
Venue: Queen Alexandra Hospital,
Portsmouth, UK.
Course Directors:
Mr C Repanos and Prof R Puxeddu

Date: 4th-6th October 2012

Programme includes:

Laser safety
Lectures on benign and malignant laser surgery
Laryngeal / Oropharyngeal laser surgery
Live surgery demonstrations
Supervised laser dissection of animal larynx


Mr S Caldera, Mr M Harries
Mr D Kim, Mr G Madden
Mr V Paleri, Prof G Peretti
Prof R Puxeddu, Mr C Repanos

“SKULL BASE 2012”September 23 - 24, 2012 | Venue: Hotel The Leela, Mumbai, India

Dear Sir, I am delighted to inform you that the response to the forthcoming 14th Annual Conference of the Skull Base Surgery Society of India “SKULL BASE 2012” has been overwhelming so far. As a member of the local organising committee, you will be happy to know that more than 125 delegates have already registered as early-birds and nearly 20 distinguished international faculty members have confirmed their participation in this meeting. Registrations for the cadaveric workshops at the Sion Hospital on Sept. 21 have been fulfilled completely and response to the live surgical workshops at the Nanavati Hospital and Bombay Hospital is simply remarkable. I take this opportunity to invite your suggestions and ideas on the organisational matters or scientific program of this conference. I would also request you to get your registration done as soon as possible, if still not done, - the secretariat has been instructed to accept your registration as an early bird till May 31st. Please let me know the topic of your talk for this meeting in next 1-2 weeks. The scientific program will be finalized in June first week. Please feel free to contact me for any further information or assistance.
Best regards.
 Suresh Sankhla
Organising Secretary
Tel. 9821160697

Milano Masterclass,2013

Dear Colleague and Friend,
Since its conception over a decade ago, the Milano Masterclass has amazed its founders and participants with an exponential growth rate, increasing popularity, and the ability to evolve and encompass new fields of knowledge. Milano Masterclass has surpassed all our expectations, becoming the best attended event in Europe and one of the top 3 worldwide. Milano Masterclass’ hallmark of featuring the most innovative and talented surgeons practicing today continues to attract surgeons from around the world. The number of participants gives witness to the success of Milano Masterclass from its inception in the year 2001: more than 2000 participants, from 82 different countries have visited us in the past 10 years. Patients throughout the world have greatly benefited from teaching surgical skills at the highest level. The 7th edition of Milano Masterclass will introduce exciting new ideas and top-surgeons from around the globe, foster the cohabitation of diversity with unanimity, and expand the gold standards of best practice. While the first half of the Masterclass will concentrate on cutting edge techniques in endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery, the latter half will explore the spectrum of rhinoplasty from minimally invasive measures to radical, structural changes. The participants will have ample time to immerse themselves in the hottest contemporary aspects through a problem-solving format. Other sessions will utilise case discussions to highlight pitfalls in practice, shed light onto current safe techniques, and provide examples of excellence in everyday practice with the aid of videos and case-discussions. One of the key aspects of the Masterclass will consist of a series of video-clips called "Images in Motion." In order to avoid the lengthy and at times tedious nature of live surgery - some rhinoplasties in live surgery sessions last longer than a liver transplant - the video demonstrations will allow the participants to virtually enter the operating room. Experts will then guide the participants through the technique in great detail, thereby providing them with a documented approach to the results of the procedure. The 7th edition of Milano Masterclass will also offer a new and unique opportunity: the one-day “Intensive Training Camp” on March 27 will concentrate on creating the fundamentals for a successful career in facial plastic surgery, and learning the finer points of surgical practice from internationally acclaimed masters. While younger surgeons will learn about the most important pillars of excellence in practice, more seasoned practitioners will have the opportunity to refresh their ideas in critically important areas. As we are seeking new ideas from around the world, each segment will feature on “Open Free-Papers Forum”. So, if you wish to share a personal innovation with an international audience, welcome to the 7th edition of Milano Masterclass. If you have missed this meeting in previous years, make sure that you will be with us in 2013. For those who have attended previous editions, we will ensure that you will love again the experience of being fully immersed in this special event. Historic Milan, famed for her architecture, hidden corners, world-renowned fashion houses, and fine cuisine will be a terrific setting for this world-class meeting. Get ready to think differently. Come and join us in Milan in March 2013! Paolo Castelnuovo, MD Pietro Palma, MD Co-Directors, International Milano Masterclass

 ORGANIZING SECRETARIAT ;CQ Travel srl | Via Pagliano, 37 | 20149 Milano, Italy | Phone: +39 02 36753900 | Fax: +39 0243911650 / +39 0249542900 | Email: masterclass@cq-travel.com


we would like to invite all of you for our 4th endocon conference with hands on FESS workshop. which will be guided byAndreas Leunig for germany and the eminent persons in this field in India. Hope all of you will be able to make it. Regards Dr.Binu 9048829968

4th National Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery workshop,6th till 9th January 2013 at Kathmandu

2nd Announcement

 Mark your Calendar for the Feast in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course with the Pioneer in the ESS, Prof H. Stammberger, Dr Richard Douglas
 Dear all,
Thank you for your generous interest in 4th FESS workshop. As you know we have very limited seat for hands on in the course , so we have decided to register according to the first come first basis. Please confirm your type of participation by 10th August 2012. I have attached a file showing the tentative schedule along with registration charge , however we will let you know the mode of payment in near future when you confirm your registration by writing to us.
 Thank you,
\Dr Kunjan Acharya
 Course Secretary