Comment of the day on cyclops

Took its demo just few weeks back,,,, its good as far as the technology is concerned,, kind of impressive,,, but thats it.... i dont wanna buy it .. even if i hav money for myself or for any institution... its heavy,,, its costly ( cost is same as if i were to buy all the different angled scope combined)... then there are maintainence issues with this one,,, will definitely need more care i suppose especially with the need to clean that rotating tip off the blood... and then if u break one of these the loss is same as losing all the four endoscopes... i would rather buy the 0, 30, 45, 70 degree with an extra 0 degree endoscope and wont mind taking just a few more mins in the surgery while changing the.. TILL THE COMPANY DECREASES THE COST AND WEIGHT...Dr Sarvejeet Singh