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Q: So many of us have a good team - surgeon, theater nurses, CSD staff- and two or three special scrub nurses- do you trust them completely ?

 Pankaj Aggarwal(Delhi)..... "keeping doubt and monitoring are two different things....doubt weakens the faith...while monitoring adds to the quality"

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ENT World
"Beti bachaoo...., treat chorda as facial's girl child" Dr Ravinder Bansal


Welcome to The AOICON 2013

We would like to invite you to the AOICON 2013, the 65th Annual Conference of Association of Otolaryngologists of India being held at the Mariott International Convention Center, Pune. Your participation to this conference would give us great honor and happiness.

The AOICON 2013 will have prominent and esteemed medical doctors from all over India meeting and creating a very important platform of exchange of the latest medical and technological developments. Thanks to the positive and commendable contributions of all the Registered Delegates.

Very eminent guests from all over India that happen to be the authority in their fields have enriched our scientific programs. In this meeting the participants, in addition to having the opportunity of expressing themselves in a very appropriate and unrestrained presentation medium, will also have the chance of listening to the very valuable information and wealth of experience of the outstanding experts.

Comment of the day ...Tympanomastoid surgery to be done on a pt who can't be stopped aspirin!! Advice your approach.

"Sir it's better you consult a cardiologist as there are alternatives to aspirin that can be stopped 24 hours prior... I feel stopping aspirin is still beneficial and benefits outweigh the risks even in severe CAD.....some however say you dont even need to stop it in ANY surgery.... Please remember by loads of adrenaline also you are straining the heart"
 Dr Kapil Sikka

National FESS course on 6th -9th Jan., 2013,Kathmandu

National FESS course on 6th -9th Jan., 2013. Imminent FESS surgeon Prof. Stammbeger from Austria and Dr. Richard Douglas from New Zealand will be external faculties. There will be lecture and cadaveric dissection on the first 2 days followed by live surgical demonstration for 2 days.
 Thank you. Sincerely yours',
 Dr. Narmaya Thapa Course Co-ordinator

Rhinology Research Chair 2012 conference and workshop,November 19-22,2012, Riyadh

Dear Colleague :
 Rhinology research chair at King Saud University is holding a rhinology conference and functional endoscopic sinus surgery course annually.We are pleased to invite you to Rhinology Research Chair 2012 conference and workshop which is going to be held in November 19-22,2012, At the Riyadh Marriott hotel and Medical College.
 In view of this, it will be of great honor and privilege if we could have you and your Department Staff in the aforementioned activity that could contribute and mark to its success in conveying the Chair’s message and its advocate to even lessen the number of patients in the Kingdom through its information and effort to reach out to all the concerns in relation to the field of rhinology.
 Thank you and anticipating on your ardent response.
 Best regards
 Organizing Committee
 Prof.Surayie Al Dousary- Chair Director Prof.Fatma alanazy- Chair Person Dr.Jamil AL Swiahb – Member Dr. Saad Aseri - Member Dr Adel Albraheem - Member Mobile : 0533556715 Fax : 4786100 / 7532



ENDOCON 2012.on july 27-29th it is the 4th hands on workshop with live surgery at pushapgiri medical college , thiruvalla kerala. This year we are having Dr.Andreas leunig from germany, Dr.Jacob from UK, Dr.Nishit shah, Dr.Devinder Rai and many more. So please be sure that you don't miss this opportunity. We would be happy to have you with us Regards Dr.Binu 9048829968

PG book on instruments in ENT
Dr.Vikram Bhat K   Dr.Manjunath D
 HUBLI, karnataka

Relationship between rhinitis and nocturnal cough in school children.

Pediatr Allergy Immunol. 2012 May 3. doi: 10.1111/j.1399-3038.2012.01309.x. [Epub ahead of print] Relationship between rhinitis and nocturnal cough in school children. Higuchi O, Adachi Y, Itazawa T, Ito Y, Yoshida K, Ohya Y, Odajima H, Akasawa A, Miyawaki T. Source Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toyama, Toyama, Japan Division of Allergy, Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Hospital, Tokyo, Japan Division of Allergy, National Center for Child Health and Development, Tokyo, Japan Department of Pediatrics, Fukuoka National Hospital, Fukuoka, Japan. Abstract To cite this article: Higuchi O, Adachi Y, Itazawa T, Ito Y, Yoshida K, Ohya Y, Odajima H, Akasawa A, Miyawaki T. Relationship between rhinitis and nocturnal cough in school children. Pediatr Allergy Immunol 2012. ABSTRACT: Background:  There is a complex relationship between rhinitis, asthma, and nocturnal cough. Methods:  To evaluate whether rhinitis is an important risk factor for nocturnal cough and whether this effect is independent of asthma, we analyzed data collected using the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC) questionnaire in a population-based nationwide survey. A child who had experienced a dry cough at night in the past 12 months in the absence of a cold was defined as having nocturnal cough. Results:  After excluding 11,475 records with incomplete data, data from 136,506 children were analyzed. Nocturnal cough was significantly more prevalent in children with current rhinitis compared with children without rhinitis. The association between rhinitis and nocturnal cough was significant in children who had current asthma (adjusted OR [95% CI]: 2.26 [2.00-2.56] in children aged 6-7 yr, 1.90 [1.58-2.30] in those aged 13-14 yr, and 1.86 [1.60-2.19] in those aged 16-17 yr), and this association was even higher among children who had no asthma (adjusted OR [95% CI]: 3.65 [3.36-3.97] in children aged 6-7 yr, 3.05 [2.79-3.32] in those aged 13-14 yr, and 2.69 [2.51-2.88] in those aged 16-17 yr). Conclusions:  There was a close association between rhinitis and nocturnal cough in young children through adolescents, and this effect was independent of asthma. Upper airways should be examined in children with nocturnal cough.


 We are organising the AAENTA CONGRESS AND EXHIBITION – Global and All Africa Collaboration for ENT, Head & Neck Surgery, Otorhinolaryngology and Audiology Stakeholders at the Victoria Falls from 3-6 June – YOUR VICTORIA FALLS JAMBOREE! The website is Many thanks and regards Dr Clemence Chidziva CHAIRMAN OF THE AAENTA ORGANISING COMMITTEE

7th National FESS Workshop(Hands on ),Apollo Hospital,October 6-7,Delhi

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Workshop on OSA ,June 9-10 ,Mumbai

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Understanding JNA

Lokmanya Tilak Municipal
Medical College, Sion, Mumbai.

Date: 28th & 29th July 2012


"The Department of E.N.T, Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College is pleased to announce Understanding JNA – a first of its kind workshop aimed at understanding the tumour and the skills and techniques involved in its endoscopic removal. The workshop spread over two days will involve an esteemed faculty to discuss various aspects regarding the management of the tumour. The Course contents are: · Cadaveric Dissection Demonstration · Live Surgery · Lectures · Panel Discussion

 For further details log on to contact us at: or SMS at 9920725084

 Dr. Renuka Bradoo Course Director Professor & Head Department of ENT & Head-Neck Surgery LTMG Hospital."

5th Annual CME : Updates in ENT: Vertigo and Workshop in Vestibulometry,June1-2.1012,Sikkim Manipal

5th Annual CME : Updates in ENT: Vertigo and Workshop in Vestibulometry, is being organized in Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences, Gangtok, Sikkim Topic - Vertigo and Workshop in Vestibulometry Date - 1st and 2nd June 2012 Venue-Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences, Gangtok, Sikkim
 Guest faculty - Dr. Anirban Biswas , Kolkata Dr. Achal Gulati, New Delhi
 Contact - Dr. Suvamoy Chakraborty mobile no.9434011044 ;

Comment of the day on cyclops

Took its demo just few weeks back,,,, its good as far as the technology is concerned,, kind of impressive,,, but thats it.... i dont wanna buy it .. even if i hav money for myself or for any institution... its heavy,,, its costly ( cost is same as if i were to buy all the different angled scope combined)... then there are maintainence issues with this one,,, will definitely need more care i suppose especially with the need to clean that rotating tip off the blood... and then if u break one of these the loss is same as losing all the four endoscopes... i would rather buy the 0, 30, 45, 70 degree with an extra 0 degree endoscope and wont mind taking just a few more mins in the surgery while changing the.. TILL THE COMPANY DECREASES THE COST AND WEIGHT...Dr Sarvejeet Singh


Dear ,,,, Greeting from Dr Rafiq from tawau,malaysia, and seeking your blog members opinion,,,pl put on your blog with these pictures,,, for one of my pt has Tracheal injury,,history is like this, M/15 y ,got MVA ,,and blunt impact over chest as well as anterior neck at and below the level of Larynx seen bruise externally,,,upon examination pt gor extensive surgical emphysema , which regressing now,,still got,Rt pneumothorax surgical inserted Chest tube which still showing bubbles,,,, CT scan showing as seen rupture anterior as well as rt side lat wall of trchea ruptured and air is seen besides,,,pt is intubated,,,all vital sign stable and consious tootolerating tube,,,, bronchoscopic examination done in ICU shown small anterior transverse wound seen and above that whole anterior as well as as lateral wall is narrowed and slough seen ....All the pictures i have attached here,,,,please go through and give your kind opinion as,,,,, 1. to do tracheostomy or not? 2. need intervention means exploration and kiv reconstruction,,when,,how long to wait for that? 3.any thing you need to inquire more pl ,,,,,,write me, pt is just now in ICU ,,intubated ... thanks regards rafiq SEND YOUR OPINION TO and kalra1960@gmail,com 2

Comment of the day on "Consent" in OPD

One can do a consent in the OPD for smaller procedures, but for major surgery you need to set some time to do it properly. Also, if there is a time gap between the date of consent and surgery it is good practice to counter sign the original form again on the day of the surgery with the date(both by patient and the surgeon). If this is not done the patient may claim that too much information was given in the OPD and he did not understand/remember all of it. Having standard printed copies of information leaflets for all common procedures and giving them to every pre-op patient will save you one day. But one should record 'information leaflet given'. .......Saaj Rajendran(Barnet Hospital,Calicut)

Survey of positional vertigo-

Please fill and submit survey form


Prof  Santosh Kumar Kacker,Delhi

3rd Interantional Voice-con(Voice & Airway Course),14th,15th &16th Sept,2012,Lucknow

International Faculty
Dr Kishore Sandu
Head & Chairman
Department of Otorhinolaryngology & Head-Neck Surgery
Centre Hospitalier du Centre du Valais–CHCV, Sionne. 1950-Switzerland
Consultant Staff, Department of Otorhinolaryngology & Head-Neck Surgery
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois, Lausanne. 1010-Switzerland

Conf. secretariat - Raj ENT Centre & Voice Clinic
387, Vishal Khand-3, Gomtinagar (Near CMS), Lucknow-226010.
Phone numbers-05224007964; 09454675674;09839031127; 08808022666
Email :, Bharat Bhardwaj -,

(Prof RN Srivastava Voice Disorder Clinic)

XI Basic Course in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery to be held at LTMG (Sion) Hospital from 29th November to 2nd December 2012.


Dr. Renuka Bradoo
 Course Director

 We are pleased to announce the XI Basic Course in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery to be held at LTMG (Sion) Hospital from 29th November to 2nd December 2012. Registrations can be done online from 1st May 2012. For details of registration, kindly see attached registration form.

Kindly send the filled form to the department address or a scanned copy to

For further details regarding course content for observers and delegates, please contact us at

Registrations will be on first-come-first-serve basis only. All registrations are tentative (subject to availability of cadavers)
 Dr. Kshitij Shah Assistant Professor Department of ENT LTMG Hospital.

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 "Being an ENT Person we have to see all type and kind of patients,right from intrauterine and newborn To Oldest and even dead patients,simplest to deadliest situations,like itching in the Ear to Ventilated Moribund an ENT-Person should Know more than the Core ENT?: Like KNOWLEDGE OF ANAESTHESIA ,PEDIATRICS,MEDICINE,NEUROSURGICAL ISSUES,OPHTHALMOLOGY,PLASTICS,and DENTISTRY that whenever in Dire need of the SAME,when the CONCERNED PERSON is not available or not competent to Handle the situation,We can have an edge over What we are just an ENT person.....Share Please...." Dr Pankaj Aggarwal

 How to Do the New CPR1. Call help or ask someone else to do so. 2. Try to get the person to respond; if he doesn't, roll the person on his or her back. 3. Start chest compressions. Place the heel of your hand on the center of the victim's chest. Put your other hand on top of the first with your fingers interlaced. 4. Press down so you compress the chest at least 2 inches in adults and children and 1.5 inches in infants. ''One hundred times a minute or even a little faster is optimal 5. If you're been trained in CPR, you can now open the airway with a head tilt and chin lift. 6. Pinch closed the nose of the victim. Take a normal breath, cover the victim's mouth with yours to create an airtight seal, and then give two, one-second breaths as you watch for the chest to rise. 7. Continue compressions and breaths -- 30 compressions, two breaths -- until help arrives.

Modified Lothrop Procedure or Draf-lll along with a complete Sphenoethmoidectomy

Modified Lothrop Procedure or Draf-lll along with a complete Sphenoethmoidectomy is the surgery of choice for recurrent allergic polyps & Fungal sinusitis.Widely opening up all the sinuses, not only enables complete removal of the disease process, but also lets the post operative douching reach all the corners, so that the antigenic stimulation is brought down to the maximum thus drastically reducing the recurrence rate. I present to you my first case done 3 weeks back in this video which is on U Tube This sure is revolutionising the management of these untackled conditions! Regards,
 Dr George Varghese Kochi,India