Workshop on neurotology,13th 14th and 15th of April,Kolkata


Dear Doctor,
This is to inform you about my next workshop on neurotology and medical audiology specifically for doctors practising in ENT and neurology which I have been conducting every year for the last 12 years. This is the only workshop of its kind in this part of the world and is designed for clinicians who manage patients suffering from balance disorders and hearing disorders (vertigo, deafness and tinnitus). This year the workshop will be held in Kolkata on the 13th 14th and 15th of April. Prof Harman Kingma from the Netherlands and Prof Gorgio Guedetti from Italy both of whom are international celebrities in the field of neurotology are the invited foreign faculty. In addition we will be having some Indian doctors -neurologists and ENTs who have excelled in diagnostic and therapeutic neurotology and have special interest in vertigo as faculty members for the three-day rendezvous on contemporary neurotology.
The purpose of the workshop is to update clinicians on the diagnosis and management of vertigo and hearing disorders and evolve an ethical and judicious consensus on management. The management of balance disorders has been the most controversial and screwed up subject in contemporary medicine and an ethical consensus needs to be evolved putting all our heads together as many stalwarts in the subject will be present there. This is one of the objectives of the workshop. There will be enough scope of practical demonstrations of the various high-tech investigations for vertigo and the different liberatory manoeuvres and physical therapy for management of balance disorders. All the latest investigative modalities that are now considered essential for diagnosis of neurotological disorders like VNG, ENG, VEMP, ECochG, VHIT, Subjective Visual Vertical, CHIRP BERA, ABRIS, ASSR etc and the ethical and ideal management of balance disorders will be essence of this workshop.
I will be extremely grateful if you join us for this workshop and also circulate the details of this to your friends and colleagues. A brochure for the workshop is attached along with for your esteemed perusal.
You may get back to me for any further details that you require or ring up my secretary:- phone numbers + 91 9831477573 and +91 9836002580.
With regards,
Dr Anirban Biswas 
Ph +919830352580 

You may visit me at The agenda and program of the workshop is uploaded here in the page on 'Updates of workshops' .