Home Sleep Monitoring Device



Home Sleep Monitoring Device

Morpheus ® Ox is WideMed’s cost-effective, portable home sleep diagnostic and monitoring solution. Easy to use, watch-
size device enables anyone to perform a sleep test in the comfort of their own bedroom. The Morpheus Ox measures
photoplethysmography, blood saturation, heart rate, and activity signals.

By utilizing W ideMed’s innovative automatic sleep scoring software, Morpheus Ox delivers an accurate and reliable sleep
study diagnosis, including Apnea Hypopnea Index (AHI), sleep/wake, and Cheyne-Stokes breathing.

Morpheus Ox’s unique algorithm derives a respiratory signal which is comparable to measured respiratory signals.

The Morpheus Ox web-based server software is a comprehensive platform which manages a cost-effective sleep services
operation, including patient electronic medical record, cardiac and sleep diagnostics outcomes and a complete workflow

Morpheus Ox is offered in two configurations, one for a single physician clinic while the other is designed for sleep
diagnostic service centers.


• Overnight home/ambulatory monitoring

• Automatic sleep diagnostics scoring

• Easy to use

• Simple data retrieval

• Intuitive patient operation

• Enhanced patient comfort

• Web-based sleep study data management

• Low cost proven hardware

• Up to 3 nights recording capability

• Ambulatory cardio-sleep diagnosis