Swallowed Coin

A 7 yr old child accidentally swallowed a one rupee coin. It was already in the stomach when i first saw him. Now it is more than 3wks, child is asymptomatic,coin is somewhere in small intestine, paed surgeon do not want any intervention. I want to know ur experience as to how long u have seen coins staying inside and then passing out on its own.
Child is on a normal diet.
· · · Monday at 6:56pm
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    • Ajit Man Singh I have never followed up any pt once the coin or other FB has passed on into the stomach. but on a lighter side, maybe if the delay is adequate, he will pass out a two rupee coin!
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    • Anil Jain No need to follow it up
      Monday at 7:54pm · · 1 person
    • Ravi Meher I think u can still wait and keep the patient in follow up with xray.
      Monday at 8:26pm ·
    • Bharat Khatri In case of coin ,no further follow up,untill the pt. insists.
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    • Chandrashekhar Tengli yes once in lower GIT no need to follow it up! Pretty sure pt. Wil pass in 8 days time max..
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    • Munish Shandilya Hi Balbir ... Beyond the Diaphragm it is beyond us ... I would leave that in the pediatric Surgeons care ... And I would expect them to follow-up and manage ...In my opinion holding onto a patient where you have nothing to offer is not ideal ... BTW you looking grand on the quad ...
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    • Rajiv Tandon Just tell the parents to watch the pot ...
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    • Harpreet Singh Kochar have followed up patients who had swallowed coins and toy car wheels and adults with tooth caps and bridge.. all came out.. the narrow parts are obviously ileocaecal junction and pylorus.. need to get serial abdominal xrays daily till it clears.. usually in two days..
      Tuesday at 6:52pm ·
    • Ajit Man Singh I still say that wait till it becomes two rupees.
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    • Ravinder Verma To be on a lighter mode--Our politicians digest roads/bridges/guns and so many things-Which no body cares- why bother for a coin-- It will come out of its own. Nothing to worry. The only point is it has been there for 3 weeks.
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    • Dr.Amol Deshpande ohhh this coin is becoming harder to retrieve than Indian money in swiss accounts...:)
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    • Sayed Said once such F.B passes the cricopharyngeal sphincter its easy to pass the rest allment. tract but followup
      Tuesday at 7:30pm ·
    • Shashidhar Tatavarty almost every single day of my residency passed on seeing children and coins, so much so that we did know the age and the denomination of coin and pedict the outcome.. please remember , if child has adhesions or polyps/ or scarred ileoceacal valve ( recurrent appendicitis) in intestine the coin gets impacted. the longest you can wait is 4 weeks (yes it is that much and blunt fb like coin does nt mean universal impaction). also if child is having constipation the stool softners are recomended. if child gets cramp, the likely hood of impaction at valve is more and he should get buscopan or similar antispasmodics.. warning signs ae feve, vomiting and tahycadia and perf/ peritonitis has to be suspected.. CT is the best modality to investigate and instead of laparatomy endoscopic retrievel should be done by peads gastro...
      Tuesday at 10:23pm ·