Management of paediatric cholesteatoma

What is the recent trends in the management of paediatric cholesteatoma?Kindly Share.Can anybody throw light on Canal wall window(CWW) procedure?
· · · October 10 at 8:49pm
    • Ravi Meher here in our institution we are doing CWD procedures for pediatric cholesteatoma. it because we are treating patient from far flung places who are poor can can not come to hospital for repeated follow up.
      October 14 at 8:59am · · 3 people
    • Imran Khan canal wall up shd be done only in those cases where future follow up is gud with limited disease
      October 14 at 9:50am ·
    • Vikas Agrawal size of mastoid,if small,always CWD,for me, even if big cavity, would do canal wall down,and obliterate cavity with palva's flap.
      October 14 at 11:39am · · 2 people
    • Kapil Sikka I did a thesis comparing paediatric and adult histology.... Soon to be published:-) recent literature even in UK and Europe is disfavouring Intact canal wall for paediatric
      October 16 at 9:54am via mobile ·
    • Anthony Francis Intact brige mastoidectomy
      October 16 at 1:14pm ·
    • Sudipta Chandra If your Institution is having all the equipments needed for IBM then it is a good option. 2mm Oto-Endoscope 0 & 30 degree and necessary working instruments are needed along with a Zeiss microscope...
      October 16 at 3:16pm ·
    • Kallakuri Suryanarayana CWD mostly in set up where patient compliance is poor. In most public hospitals we use this principle of safety in AAD ,more so in aggressive childhood cholesteatoma.
      October 16 at 5:19pm ·
    • Ravinder Verma CWD in children
      October 16 at 6:59pm ·
    • Suri Prabhu but - the CWD must be 'inside-out' - in children, and also adults
      October 19 at 9:48pm · · 2 people
    • Saurabh Varshney CWW should be mastoidectomy with post tympanotomy anf follow using otoendoscopp by post aural
      Friday at 10:29pm ·
    • Rahul Agrawal Agree with Dr Suri Prabhu -- start inside out -- disease will dictate the final result ... eg.small attic or atticoantral chol. done insideout will end up as CWU only...
      Saturday at 11:15am ·
    • Rahul Agrawal same as in adults
      Saturday at 11:15am ·