Otomycosis - Discussion

DrRajeev Adhana
‎50 % OPD is just otomycosis .....now a days.....

Ajit Man Singh: to add academics to this: role of systemic antifungals? role of additional antifungal/steroid ointmetn to reduce associated otitis externa?, role of the age old GV pain?

Chandrashekhar Tengli: I generally clean of and apply Betnovate-GM locally. If i feel there is need, i prescribe them antifungal+steroid drops..I am good results.

Vinod Felix: there is a good no of cases due to long term usage of antibiotic steroid drops..which pts get OTC& from GPs

Chandrashekhar Tengli: agreed sir@ Dr.Vinod Felix. Also the season,rain followed by bright sunlight creating perfect environment to grow in the ear!!!

Rajendra B Bohra: Monsoon has extended and so we are getting lot of cases of Otomycosis..because of humidity...they are keeping us busy and giving us sense of being busy practitioner...so make the hay while sun is shining( or is it raining..)....it has become bread and butter for now...

DrRajeev Adhana :suction and oint. is best ....drops increase the problem due to moisture .

Sanjay Sood: GV paint is a good option for the non responsive to antifungals and also in recurrent otomycosis but it leaves a stain. Also instruct the patient not to keep the ear plugged

Vikas Agrawal: fungus grows on dead keratin of ear canal,with moisture...i always remove all the keratin layers under microscope with suction,then aft checking integrity of TM, pour surgical spirit,(which burns also apart from making patient giddy)and prescribe candid -o/otek ac type of ear drops to be filled in the ear canal 4 times a day for a week-10 days(they require at least 5-7 bottles)with use of hair dryer.....recurrence rate in rains in mumbai (moist)can be otherwise very high

Vikas Agrawal :never syringe,as many a times epithelium is alrady damaged and forceful syringing can cause perforation.......moisture any way has to be avoided