Torticollis, causes and management?

Torticollis, causes and management?
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    • Gowri Shankar congenital.. acquired.. this guy has facial assymetry,,so congenital?
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    • Ravi Meher the above patient had SCM contracture on the left side.
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    • Sushmita Biswas y sir
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    • Drpuneet Bhargava Please advice regarding birth injury SCM jaw a

      Haematoma also
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    • Drpuneet Bhargava What to do if you see this in a 2 month old baby?
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    • Arjun Dasgupta it is congenital totticlis, probably birth injury. just divide the clavicular attachment. and some physiotherapy
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    • Ashraf Elzeiny Causes of Torticollis A) Congenital e.g idiopathic spasmodic torticollis (spasms SMs) , vertebral anomalies B) Acquired *Traumatic ..... Muscle spasm following trauma , Skeletal e.g vertebra , Subarachenoid Hge * Infectious & Inflammatory ....... Mastoiditis/Bezold’s abscess , Cervical adenitis , Retropharyngeal abscess , Meningitis ,CX arthritis * Neoplastic ........ CNS & CX vertebra 1ry & 2ry tumors---------------------------------------------------- * In congenital muscular torticollis, ultrasound is diagnostic * Inacquired cases CT of neck/cervical spine to exclude fracture . If CT is positive, MRI considered
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    • Ravi Meher this child had a contracture of the sternal head of the SCM, No history of trauma was there. The sternal head was released under GA. patient is undergping physiotheray and is doing well.
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    • Abhay Anand Ravi Meher sir have u recorded this one?
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    • Ravi Meher have taken pics.
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    • Rakesh Srivastava puneet is right is asking for birth injury. very important.
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    • Ravi Meher absolutely right but there was no such history in the above case. may be the parents did not notice.
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    • Rajesh Kalra Alexander the Great may have had torticollis.
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    • Ravi Meher “Sternomastoid Tumor” - this is a fbrous mass found in the SCM at the lower end of the muscle thus effectively shortening the length of the muscle. seen after birth trauma/breech delivery.
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    • Rajesh Kalra Management for torticollis is primarily nonoperative
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    • Ravi Meher it is important to rule out cervical vertebrae abnormality by xray cervical spine in all cases of torticollis. the management of torticollis is initially physiotherapy and if it does not respond surgicall release of the involved head of SCM is Rx.
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