ENT Quiz Round 28


A-EAR: single best answer

Tumarkin's otolithic crisis is seen in

1]endolymphatic hydrops
3]acute barotrauma
4]otitic hydrocephalus

B-NOSE: extended matching item

A 20-year old female patient comes with mild nasal congestion and rhinorrhoea.Diagnostic nasal endoscopy is inconclusive.CT PNS reveals speckled opacification of the L maxillary sinus with slight expansion of the sinus and thickening of its walls.No bony erosion or orbital or intracranial extension is seen.Keeping the most likely cause in mind,suggest the minimum surgical ( S ) and/or medical ( M ) intervention required.

S-1]middle meatal antrostomy
S-2]medial maxillectomy
S-4]lateral rhinotomy

M-1]prophylactic antibiotics
M-2]oral and inhaled steroids
M-3]oral antifungals and steroids
M-4]liposomal amphotericin

C-THROAT: true ( T ) or false ( F )

Reactionary haemorrhage in tonsillectomy

1]may be caused by a post-operative rise in the blood pressure
2]is controlled by a higher spectrum and dosage of antibiotic
3]may require return to OT and reexploration
4]can be corrected with a blood transfusion only