Wrong-site sinus surgery in otolaryngology

Approximately 10 percent of survey respondents know of a case of wrong-site sinus surgery occurring; the majority of respondents are concerned about a wrong-sinus or wrong-sided surgery occurring in their practice. Otolaryngologists should be vigilant regarding the potential for inverted computed tomography images; there should be national efforts to address this latent systems defect. Surgeons should be trained in understanding the role of and engaging in disclosure and in other techniques that are of greatest support to the patient. Consideration of sinus-specific checklists should be led by the societies representing sinus surgeons.


  • Use site markers
  • EUM must before starting Ear Surgery.
  • Read CT again & correctly at table.
  • Faith in others may cause error.
  • Avoid multi tasking.
  • Analyse near misses
  • Use a ckeck List