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A 30-year old male presents with gradually progressive hearing loss for 6 months but no other complaints.The tympanic membrane is normal to examination.Systemic examination is normal.The pure tone audiogram shows bilateral moderate mixed hearing loss with an air-bone gap of 30 dB on either side,and the acoustic reflexes are intact.Suggest the most appropriate line of investigation ( I ) and treatment ( T ).

I - 1]serial audiograms
I - 2]HRCT Temporal bone
I - 3]MRI Brain
I - 4]serum alkaline phosphatase

T - 1]reassurance and close follow-up
T - 2]oral sodium fluoride
T - 3]hearing aids
T - 4]stapedotomy

B-NOSE:true ( T ) or false ( F )

1]endarteritis obliterans is the predominant histological feature
2]acetic acid(vinegar) and liquid paraffin are instilled alternately to loosen and remove crusts
3]Young's closure is never done bilaterally at the same sitting
4]aggressive nasal surgery is a major risk factor

C-THROAT:single best answer

All of the following may be combined with uvulopalatopharyngoplasty(UPPP) in the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea(OSA) except
3]hyoid suspension
4]tongue base resection