ENT Quiz Round 14

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Question on Ear-
1]In sensorineural deafness
A]ototoxicity causes greater damage to hair cells than meningitis
B]the connexin gene is responsible for inherited deafness
C]a single impact of 90 dB usually causes permanent injury
D]MRI of the auditory nerve gives a good idea of cochlear function

Question on Nose-
2]Mucormycosis of the nose and sinuses is diagnosed by
A]presence of fungal elements on epithelial surfaces in tissue biopsy
B]high number of leucocytes and macrophages in biopsy specimens
C]pallor,congestion,discoloration or eschar formation of mucosa on endoscopy
D]relative absence of high fever,chills and local tenderness

Question on Throat/Head and Neck
3]Completion thyroidectomy for papillary carcinoma found in a unilateral solitary thyroid nodule in woman aged 40 years
A]definitively reduces the regional recurrence
B]facilitates administration of radioiodine
C]is fraught with complications
D]requires lifelong supplementation


1]A-F B-T C-F D-T

2]A-F B-F C-T D-T

3]A-F B-T C-F D-T