ENT Quiz Round 14

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Question on Ear-
1]In sensorineural deafness
A]ototoxicity causes greater damage to hair cells than meningitis
B]the connexin gene is responsible for inherited deafness
C]a single impact of 90 dB usually causes permanent injury
D]MRI of the auditory nerve gives a good idea of cochlear function

Question on Nose-
2]Mucormycosis of the nose and sinuses is diagnosed by
A]presence of fungal elements on epithelial surfaces in tissue biopsy
B]high number of leucocytes and macrophages in biopsy specimens
C]pallor,congestion,discoloration or eschar formation of mucosa on endoscopy
D]relative absence of high fever,chills and local tenderness

Question on Throat/Head and Neck
3]Completion thyroidectomy for papillary carcinoma found in a unilateral solitary thyroid nodule in woman aged 40 years
A]definitively reduces the regional recurrence
B]facilitates administration of radioiodine
C]is fraught with complications
D]requires lifelong supplementation


1]A-F B-T C-F D-T

2]A-F B-F C-T D-T

3]A-F B-T C-F D-T

Mentcon 2011

The 43rd Maharashtra State ENT Conference is going to be held at Amravati on November 25th, 26th and 27th 2011 .
On behalf of FMSB of AOI Vidharbha branch Cordially invites you to the annual State ENT conference which will be held in the Sant Dnyaneshwar Auditorium , Amravati .
For more details log on to www.mentcon2011amravati.com

Mentcon 2011 Team

ENT Quiz Round 13

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Round 12 Correct Responses
drgapatel@ Yavatmal
dr_sri@.. Bangalore
gudupudi@i Vishakhapatnam

Question on Ear-
1]In the lesions of the external ear canal
A]exostoses are multiple whereas osteomas are single
B]exostoses are found in the deeper canal whereas osteomas are more superficial
C]swimming in hot springs/hot water baths is believed to trigger exostoses
D]surgery is not required for either of the above unless causing deafness
Question on Nose-
2]Inverted papilloma of the nose
A]is also called Stewart’s tumour
B]has about a 6% risk of malignant transformation
C]is believed to arise from the floor of the maxillary sinus
D]is best removed by a medial maxillectomy
Question on Throat-
3]Adenoid facies is characterized by
A]malar hypoplasia and pinched nostrils
B]skeletal deformities due to associated dwarfism
C]dental malocclusion due to mouth –breathing
D]lively expression and hyperactivity


1]A-T B-T C-F D-F

2]A-F B-T C-F D-T

3]A-T B-F C-T D-F



Dear friends,
The final countdown for our annual conference, the RHINOCON-2011 has begun and our annual meeting at one of the most beautiful places in our country, Gangtok, Sikkim is just a week away. Please do try and make it to the conference on the 28th and 29th April, 2011 to enjoy a vast array of scientific, social and cultural extravaganza being so painstakingly organized by Dr Suvamoy Chakravarty, the organising secretary.
The Annual general body meeting which had been called for being convened at 5.30 pm on the 28th April, 2011, has had to be rescheduled half an hour earlier ie. at 5.00 pm instaed of 5.30 pm due to unavoidable circumstances. The agenda for the meeting remains the same.
Hoping to see and meet all of you at Gangtok.
With warm regards,
Achal Gulati
Hony. Secretary, AIRS,
Director Professor
Department of ENT,
Maulana Azad Medical College,
New Delhi
Tel: +91-9891023230; 9968604232
Email: achalgulati@rediffmail.com

Larynx and Beyond 2011,May 13-14,Medanta( Midicity Gurgaon,NCT of Delhi )

2 days live surgical extravaganza

International faculty ; Prof A Dietz , Germany
Dr G Tamer , USA

Cases to be shown
Lasers for early cancer larynx and bilateral abductor cord paralysis
Robot assisted thyroidectomy and trans oral robotic surgery

Renowned national faculty

Course Director Dr KK Handa
Copntact handak@hotmail.com

Conventional &Endoscopic Phonosurgery Workshop ,April 2-3,2011,Hyderabad

Venue : Hotel Taj Deccan,Banjara Hill Hyderabad

International Faculty : Dr Ma Jiangang (China)

Contact : Dr M Mohan Reddy
Nova ENT Hospital
Mail : entmohanreddy@yahoo.in
cell : 9393022444

ASheehy-Pyman International Fellowship Programme in Otology & Neurotology

Venue : Vikram ENT Hospital & Research Institute ,Coimbatore

Eligibility : PG/Diploma in ENT

Duration : 2 years

Apply :
Managing Director
Vikram ENT Hospital & Research Institute ,Coimbatore

10th Basic Course in Endoscopic SInus Surgery to be held from 22nd to 25th September 2011 at LTMG Hospital (Sion Hospital) under Dr. Renuka Bradoo.

10th Basic Course in Endoscopic SInus Surgery to be held from 22nd to 25th September 2011 at LTMG Hospital (Sion Hospital) under Dr. Renuka Bradoo.


Dr. Kshitij Shah
Assistant Professor
Department of ENT
LTMG Hospital.

ENT Quiz Round 12


Answers to ENT Quiz Round 11

1]A-T B-F C-T D-T

2]A-T B-F C-F D-T

3]A-F B-T C-T D-F

Correct Responders

aananya1978 (Delhi)
Kalpana (Jalandhar)
Anshul (Delhi)

Vacancies in Trichy: For Senior Residents

Qualification is DLO/M.S E.N.T

Salary 25,000/- for post DLO candidates and RS 30,000/- for post MS candidates

Duration One year

We give free acccomodation.

Hands on chance given to all candidates in GRADED manner.

Address of communication


PH : +919842461176

Dr.Rau's Hands on cadaver FESS and temporal bone dissection workshop,Hyderabad

Dates:25th, 26th, 27th february,2011 TBD- April 29th,30th &1st May

Dr.Rau's ENT super specialty hospital,
1/2rt, punjagutta colony, punjagutta,
Hyderabad - 500082

Course coordinators
Dr.Krishna Reddy, Dr.Arun kumar, Dr.Anoop, Dr.Chaitanya Rau.

Contact no’s:
+919849085060, +919392571292, +919989225035
email - drgvsrao@raosentcare.com, drchaitanya@raosentcare.com


Flower of the Day

Semal Flower: Dr R C Vashishtha

Juvenile Angiofibroma Excision by Endoscopic & Mid facial degloving : Dr Janakiram(Trichy)

ENT Quiz Round 11 (Mark True only)


Answer to Round 10(Total Responses 114 till 8.4.11)


Correct Answers
Tanuj Thapar(Moga)

Singing Rainbows

As vocalists know, the nasal cavity, oral cavity, and pharynx play instrumental roles in the rich, resonating tones so essential to their art. Wouldn’t they be amazed that their instruments for producing euphony and coloratura can assume undulating, visual colors when rendered with medical imaging visualization technology? Such singing rainbows are evident in this three-dimensional computed tomographic image from virtual endoscopy, which reveals the left lateral wall of the nasopharynx, as seen from the right choana; the bulging torus tubarius and Rosenm├╝ller fossa (left), visible behind the semilunar-shaped recess for the pharyngeal opening of the eustachian tube; the left inferior nasal concha (center), seen projecting behind the posterior edge of the nasal septum; and the soft palate at the bottom.


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Rhinology resources on the internet

Rhinology resources on the internet
Dimitrios G. Balatsouras1, Antonis Kaberos1, Ilias Kantas2, Constantinos Mourtzouhos3, Stavros G. Korres4, Dimitris Kandiloros4

1 ENT Department of Tzanion General Hospital, Piraeus, Greece
2 ENT Department of "Genimmatas" General Hospital, Thessaloniki, Greece
3 ENT Department of Karamandanion Children's Hospital, Patra, Greece
4 ENT Department of Athens National University, Hippokration Hospital, Athens, Greece

This article has been published in Rhinology. 2009; 47: 93-101.
Last updated: May 1, 2009.


Birds need you this Summer

Every year a large number of birds and stray animals die due to the ill effects of dehydration. It is mainly the result of the so called development and beautification drives, which are drying up the natural sources of water.

It is not only during hot summer days that animals need drinking water. Like humans, they need it everyday, throughout the year. But it is nowhere there. If you have seen the stray cows and dogs desperately licking the foul-smelling water seeping out of a gutter, you can well imagine their plight.

Everyone of us can make a dramatic change in this sad situation by a simple act of kindness - put up water bowls.

Put up water bowls on your roof, in a window, in the balcony, on the road, in a park – anywhere. It will be preferable to use earthen pots for the purpose. They don't tilt and are less likely to be stolen.

ENT Quiz Round 10

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Answer to Round 9
1]All are independent risk factors for recurrent otitis media in children except
A]family history of otitis media

2]Statistically,the most common presentation of nasopharyngeal carcinoma is
C]lump in neck

3]An example of normal variation and not pathological entity in oral cavity lesions i B]Fordyce’s spots

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