Sir Charles Bell

Sir Charles Bell (1774 - 1842), was a Scottish anatomist, neurologist, surgeon and natural theologian. He and his brother had remarkable artistic gifts, and together they taught anatomy and illustrated and published two volumes of A System of Dissection Explaining the Anatomy of the Human Body.

A number of discoveries received his name:
Bell's (external respiratory) nerve: The long thoracic nerve.
Bell's palsy: a unilateral idiopathic paralysis of facial muscles due to a lesion of the facial nerve.
Bell's phenomenon: An upward movement of the eye and the eyelid which occurs when a person affected with Bell's paralysis tries to close the eye.
Bell's spasm: Involuntary twitching of the facial muscles.
Bell-Magendie law or Bell's Law: States that the anterior branch of spinal nerve roots contain only motor fibers and the posterior roots contain only sensory fibers