“Management of Vertigo Made Easy” February 11,AIIMS,Delhi

Department of Otolaryngology & ORL Society of AIIMS is organizing a CME on
“Management of Vertigo Made Easy”
Date- 11th February 2011 (Friday) - 2pm
Venue- Conference Hall (above JLN Auditorium)
AIIMS, New Delhi
2-3pm- Lunch
3-4 pm Lecture fallowed by Interactive session by
Prof. Michel Strupp, MD
Prof of Neurology and clinical Neurophysiology
4-5pm Panel Discussion- “Management of Vertigo Made
All are invited. No registration fee
Panel discussion on vertigo on 11.2.11

1. Magnitude of problem
2. What are common causes of vertigo in your experience?
3. Acute vertigo-
a. Line of management
b. Diagnostic- what stage
i. Audiometry/ positional test
c. Therapeutic- medication and route
i. Cinnarazine/ B histine and other drugs
d. Role of imaging in acute vertigo
4. Battery of investigations
a. Role of ENG Vs VNG
c. ABR
d. Other- Imaging /ECHO/ Doppler
5. Rehabilitation
6. Specific cases base discussion