How to make Branches Association of Otolaryngologits of India

Following is relevent text from constituition of AOI to form City/State Branches:-

32. Branches :
(a) There will be two types of Branches - City Branch and State Branch. For forming a branch the branch will have to take permission of the parent body.
(b) The Branch can admit Postgraduate students and local allopathic medical practitioners as full members to achieve the objects of the Association and to augment its resources. There should be a minimum membership of ten (10) to form any Branch.
(c) Rules of Branches :
Local branches shall be independent of each other and autonomous as far as their internal
management is concerned, but their rules shall not be in conflict with the rules of the Association. A copy of the branch rules must be submitted to the Governing Body for approval and all subsequent changes in the rules shall be notified to the Central Office.
(d) Liabilities of Branches :
The Association of Otolaryngologists of India shall not be liable for any of the branches nor shall any of the branches be liable for any of the debts and liabilities of the Association.
(e) Names of Branches :
As far as possible the Branches should be named "The Association of Otolaryngologists of India ……………. Branch e.g. Bombay, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, or Tamil Nadu. They should open
accounts in their local banks after a resolution is passed at a local annual or special meeting for the purpose.
(f) It is desirable to open state branches in every State and members should be encouraged to form State Branches.

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