AOICON 2011 Chennai Faculty

Mazen Alkhobari
Head of ENT department, Al-Nahdha Hospital, Ministry of Health, Sultanate of Oman - General ENT / Otology
Sivakumar Annamalai
Consultant Otolaryngologist, Fellow in Otolaryngology in
Dalhousie University at Halifax - General ENT / Rhinology
Manohar Bance
Professor and Acting Head at Division of Otolaryngology, Dept of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University at Halifax - Otology / Basic Research
Nikhil Bhat
Associate Professor of Clinical Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA - Rhinology / ESS
Abir Bhattacharya
Consultant Otolaryngologist, Whipps Cross Hospital, London,
UK - General ENT / Phonosurgery
Peter J Catalano
Chairman of the Lahey Clinic’s Department of Otolaryngology and concurrently serves as an Associate Professor of Otolaryngology at Boston University Rhinologist & Otologist, USA.
Thomas Roland
Associate Professor Otolaryngology, Mount Sinai Medical Centre,
New York, USA
Claussen C F
Former Professor Neurotology, Wurzburg University, President, Intl. Neurotological
Equilibrium Society, Germany