Dear Sir,
Greetings from ISAM-2010, the International Symposium on Audiological Medicine scheduled to be held at Bhubanewar as the biggest show of all the professionals involved in Ear & Hearing Care, which includes the Oto-laryngologists, Audiologists, Hearing aid dispensers, AVT therapists. The event focuses on information dissemination on the current know-how, emerging and future trends in diagnostics as well as rehabilitative intervention. The focus of the conference is wide ranging; from normal hearing sciences to futuristic dimensions of dealing with vestibular & hearing impairments. These include:

- Hearing Sciences

- Infant and adult Diagnostic Testing

- Implantable hearing systems

- Medical conditions associated with hearing impairment

- Medical conditions and medications causing hearing loss

- Tinnitus

- Frontier areas for Research Across the Discipline

- Vestibular / Balance Disorder & Rehabilitation

- Auditory Processing Disorders

- Auditory Neuropathy & Other related issues

ISAM-2010 is a three day program starting on 3rd Dec, the International Day for for the Disabled persons and culminating on 5th Dec. The ISAM-2010 will attract about 600 delegates from all over the country and from abroad. Eminent speakers will deliver their oral presentations while the researchers will have poster presentations. The ISAM-2010 will be strictly for the registered delegates. But simultaneously HEAR-EXPO will be conducted for the general public where the professionals will interact with the general public offering free guidance, consultancy and explain about Prevention of deafness. Colleges offering the Audiology education in India are invited to set up stalls in the Expo for public awareness and public education.

We invite you to join the unique show of ISAM-2010 and be a part of the progress of Indian Professional care for the Hearing Impaired. The professionals intending to attend the event can register online or can download the registration form from the event Those requiring accommodation need to book before hand.
During December, Orissa is at its picturesque best form, with temperature around 15 to 20 degree. Please plan for your participation and enjoy the hospitality of Orissa.

With kind regards,
Prof. Satya Mahapatra
Mob. 09437005096