All India Rhinology Society :

The idea of forming All India Rhinology Society was conceived by Dr. VP Sood in 1986 and was formally registered in Delhi after framing the laws & by laws by following signatories from different states, Dr. I.S.Gupta (Delhi), Dr. V.P.Sood (Delhi), Dr. D.K.Gosavi (Maharashtra), Dr. Debratan Nandi (West Bengal), Dr, H.P.Rajmalani (Rajasthan), Dr. R.C. Deka (Assam), Dr. N.R. Dewan (Madhya Pradesh) and Dr. T.V Krishna Rao (Hyderabad).

First All India Rhinology conference was held at Lady Harding Medical College, New Delhi on 7th November 1987. Dr. H. Stammberger from Austria was invited to deliver Smt. Udhi Devi Sood Memorial Oration.
As of now the All India Rhinology Society boasts of 479 Life members