Antrolith in the maxillary sinus: an unusual complication of endoscopic sinus surgery

Satish Nair1 Contact Information, Emmanuel James1, Angshuman Dutta1 and Sunil Goyal1

(1) Command Hospital Air Force, Bangalore, 560 007, India

Published online: 4 June 2010

Antrolith of the paranasal sinuses are rare entity which are usually asymptomatic, caused by calcification of a nidus and are detected incidentally on radiological examinations. We report a case which presented to us with features of pansinusitis six months after endoscopic sinus surgery. Radiological examination revealed a discrete bony density in the maxillary sinus blocking the ostiomeatal complex. The bony mass was removed endoscopically from the maxillary sinus with drainage of discharge and debris from the sinuses. Histopathological examination revealed an antrolith with bony nidus and calcium deposited around it. We present the imaging and review the present world literature on this rare complication of endoscopic sinus surgery.