12th Asia-Oceania ORL-HNS Congress, Auckland, NZ,1-4,March 2011

Dear Rajesh ,

The Organising Committee of Asia-Oceania 2011 joins me in extending a warm invitation to you to register for the 12th Asia-Oceania Otolaryngology Head and Neck Congress which will be held from 1 – 4 March 2011 at the Aotea Centre, Auckland, New Zealand.

Asia-Oceania 2011 promises to be an outstanding Otolaryngology Conference. The Invited Faculty includes speakers from the very top tier of each of our Sub-Specialty streams: Otology, Rhinology, Head and Neck, Paediatric, Laryngology, Facial Plastic and Sleep Medicine. Bracketed with this is the outstanding Audiology/Audiological Medicine program.

The content of this Congress is truly exceptional in its breadth, depth, and quality; add to this the unique setting of New Zealand (“100% Pure”) and we have what could be considered an “Otolaryngological Experience of a Lifetime”

The Organising Committee hopes you will take advantage of this opportunity to come to Auckland and embrace the theme of our conference (“Ethical Outcomes”).

Once here, you can also experience the outstanding adventure tourism and spectacular scenery that New Zealand provides, as well as the “clean and green” image that other countries strive to emulate.

The Organising Committee welcomes you to Auckland for the collabaration between
New Zealand Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
New Zealand Audiology Society
International Academy of Oral Oncology
International Federation of Head and Neck Oncological Societies
This joint venture is unique in the history of Asia - Oceania Congresses and presents "Ethical Outcomes" as a theme, with speakers addressing Quality and Cost Effectiveness as major issues.