International Noise Awareness Day, 28th April 2010

Dear all:
In regard with International Noise Awareness Day, 28th April 2010:
from now on avoid noise pollution, turn down the volume, dont honk,
and close your ears for 60 seconds on that day from 2.15 - 2.16 pm,
.. wherever you are..

For more information, look at

Please forward and distribute!!
With many thanks for your kind cooperation and attention,
best wishes to you all, Bulan

Dr Bulantrisna Djelantik
COO / Past President
The Society for Sound Hearing
Res/Off: Jl Segara Ayu 3 Sanur
Denpasar Bali 80228 Indonesia

Too loud noise damages sensitive nerve endings in inner ear (delicate cells called cillia) and cause sensorineural loss, it can be reduced or prevented altogether.

Thanks for promoting noise awareness.

Just posted more about noise and ear on my blog