Dead and alive:by Dr. Archana Jhawar

Dead and alive

by Dr. Archana Jhawar
Yesterday when I went to KEM medical college, saw hospital’s “hands on training lab-Clinical skills and research laboratory” to train doctors of newer techniques of surgery…I felt good. I was elated whole day to see such a lab and innumerable dead bodies to work on…
Suddenly night time I felt numb, a thought just clicked in my mind…Why I am so happy??? Seeing the dead-bodies? Am I that heartless? What if I would have known few of them? Could I feel same way then?? What if I met them when they were alive and they were known to me? Could I feel same way then??

I may not like the answer but my true answer will be a big “No”.

I am happy because they will be helpful to me even after their death, quite a human nature, not my fault. So I gave explanation to myself- I will be doing good to others if I learn to do advanced surgeries and I am not responsible for their death at least.
But my heart felt uneasy and I had a disturbed sleep…