Plight of DNB students

Respected Sir,
I have been following the current discussion on the topic of " image of ent in india" over the past couple of days. The response generated by the discussion has inspired me to put up another topic for discussion which is "Plight of DNB Otolaryngology final year students in India". This is dear to my heart as I am a final year DNB postgraduate in Otolaryngology who was due to take up my final exams in June 2010, but with the current change of regulations ( without prior notice) the exams for Otolaryngology has been postponed to December 2010.
I am from a middle economic background striving to complete my degree so that I can immediately start my practice with the hope of a better future. This unexpected delay by 6 months will cost me and my family dearly. I wonder whether the plight of the other final year DNB postgraduates in Otolaryngology is as same as mine. Sometimes I wonder if I have chosen the wrong speciality, since the respect of Otolaryngology in India is not on par with other specialities. I heard the cancellation of the exams in June was done only for the Otolaryngology and Family Medicine, It is very depressing.
I chose Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery with the foresight that it is an evolving field with potential for technical advancements and super specialization. I have also heard that a residency in Otolaryngology abroad is very difficult to get and it is one of the most sought after field, I don't understand why it is not the same here in India.
I would be much obliged if you can either post this email or start this topic for discussion so that opinions can be exchanged.
with regards
Dr. S. Kamalakannan
DNB ENT Final year student