Improving Image of ENT in India,Dr. V. Aravinthan MS

Dr. V. Aravinthan MS DNB(ENT)
Associate Professor of ENT
Coimbatore Medical College
I Iike to share my comments on why ENT is not in the top preferred by medicos.Being the lowest clinical branch 25 years back it has climbed up few fields but still it is not in the top bracket. On the feedback by my old students and from my personal assessment I attribute the following also as contributing reasons.
a. Difficulty in understanding the complex anatomy of ENT. Not much importance is or focus is given during the anatomy posting.(How far even postgraduates are thorough is another debatable question)
b. During the ENT posting they are taught more theoretically.The students find difficult to diagnose clinical conditions on their own because of the limitations of the bull's eye lamp or head light. Thould should be encouraged to use otoscopes more under supervision and frequently showed of diagnostic nasal endoscopies and videolaryngoscopies. Many of the ENT conditions are imaginative for them.
c. During the period of internship they are poisted only for 15 days. By the time they get a feel of what is what in ENT they complete the posting. In contrary where they stay for one to three months in Surgery/Medicine they develop interest.
Even during the internship posting their first attempt to clean the ear or do indirect laryngoscopy often ends futile.Pt's scream or cough on their face creates a negative impression.
The period during which students get familiarised with ENT doesnt make an impact or fascinating impression in them to take up the field in future. The teachers in the medical colleges has to rise up to the occassion to make our field of top choice in future