Improve the image of ENT in india:Dr Anoop agarwal

I would like 2 say that in our country,the image of ENT is not good. It is considered as lowest clinical branch even among medicos ,while as u know in western countries it is one of the top most branch. i think the reason behind this is our undergraduate teaching. students dont wat all d things comes in ENT. they think ENT means mastoid/septo/tonsils and max 2 max fess. Our teachers r not teaching us real ENT for example-

1.submandibular gland
2.parotid gland
3.thyroid gland
4.mandible and maxillary fracture
5.carotid artery
6.various vascular tumours
7.headache, migrain
8.various neuralgias
9.cleft palate and lip
10.various types of flaps and graft in head and neck area
11.epulis,dentigerous cyst etc
13.branhial cyst and fistula and other neck swellings
14.postcricoid carcinoma and other oesophagus diseases
15.all cranial nerves
16.basic knowledge of skull base
17.temporal bone anatomy
18. many more

these r d topics we used 2 read in detail in general surgery and medicine. while they should b taught in detail in ENT. so that student sud know d field of ENT. then only they will consider ENT as a gud subject. the general thinking among UG students is that ENT is the subject of 1 month,so no need 2 study for whole ear. even postgraduate of other branches also having this idea about ENT. they dont know wat all d things ENT surgeons r doing in other countries and in south india.
my humble request to all ENT teachers is ,plz plz plz teach all d things in ENT proff at undergraduate level itself, so that image of this tough subject will improve.

sir kindly tell my request to max professors in various medical colleges, they should start it from 2morrow.

thanking you

with regards
Dr Anoop agarwal
Thank u very much sir for raising d issue nicely.
I have seen so many suggestions on our ENT update site, all r very gud. like -
1) lack of proper teaching
2) lack of interest in student and teacher both
3) less exposure coz of no video etc
4) less days posting in internship
5) no idea among UGs about How vast d ENT is
6) medical clg professors r busy in politics rather than academics

sir, i want 2 add some more.

Responsibility of image improving of ENT is on youngesters( residents and consultants both) . We have 2 come forward. ENT deptt should b d role model for undergraduates. At basic level i.e at UG level we have 2 do lot of changes. all "mehnat"(infact responsibility) done by our medical college professors is for their own respect.

Dr Anoop Agarwal