Image of ENT in India:Dr NN Mathur

While I do agree with the broad observation of Dr Agarwal, I do have reservations on the 'curriculum' aspect of it.

There are two things:
1. Sensitizing the students to the different diseases which can be treated by ENT
2. Including everything into curriculum to be taught by ENT Professor

Now I do feel that the first point is important and it is the duty of all ENT Professors to sensitize students to the dimensions of ENT. The best way that it can be done is to make them come to ENT operation room during their posting. But this has limitations as the number of students are too many and they can at the most come to theatre 2-3 times in their entire posting and see for the maximum 2-3 types of surgery being done on that particular day. We can also use our recordings to be shown to them. But still it is important for them to come to theatre, as I feel that has the maximum 'impressionable factor'. The method of sensitizing them to ENT to the point that they start liking ENT is for them to be taught by real good 'teachers' in the clinics who can demonstrate to them all dimensions of the specialty and the disease patterns. I am of the opinion that ENT teachers in India need to improve their academic image. We are too poilitical. This is my personal opinion and this is not against any individual as I am as much part of this.

Regarding point number 2, I feel it is not necessary that only ENT has to teach the topics suggested by Dr Agarwal. The curriculum should include all the topics suggested but need not be addressed by ENT only during lectures. Also I firmly believe that there should be no repetition in Curriculum- theory lectures/ seminars. Things once taught properly should not be taught again by another individual or department as it has no use and only generates conflicts in the mind of students. Moreover now the curriculum is so vast that there is hardly any time to repeat.

Dr Neeraj N Mathur
Deptt of ENT and Head Neck Surgery
Vardhman Mahavir Medical College and Safdarjung Hospital
New Delhi 110029