Idiopathic soft palate paralysis

Idiopathic soft palate paralysis is an isolated clinical entity of unknown cause. Typical clinical features are sudden onset rhinolalia, and nasal escape of fluids from the ipsilateral nostril. The disorder affects mainly male children at the ages of 2 to 3 years and resolves spontaneously. This picture depicts a 6-year-old male with the rare disorder. It shows right sided palatal deviation. There were no other cranial palsies and the palatal palsy recovered after administration of systemic steroids and antiviral drugs after a duration of 2 months.
Dr Harpreet S Kochar
Dept of ENT and Head Neck Surgery
Kailash Hospital (Greater Noida) and Delhi ENT hospital (Jasola, New Delhi)
Dr.Thomas Antony said...

I had a similar case, but he was in the teens. I had posted this case for discussion in the various Orkut sites as well as