Role of surgery in treating glue ear

The only effective intervention for treating childhood hearing loss caused by glue
ear (otitis media with effusion; OME) is the insertion of grommets, (ventilation
tubes). In selected cases removal of the adenoid from the back of the nose,
adjacent to the Eustachian tube opening (which allows air pressure equilibration)
is also recommended. Grommet insertion and adenoidectomy work by reducing
low grade infective biofilm 1 load in the back of the nose, and causing a massive
increase in oxygen tension in the middle ear; this in turn, further inhibits
inflammation mucin gene activity and hence the formation of middle ear fluid
(glue)2. Most grommet and adenoid procedures are carried out as day cases with
very little systemic morbidity or risk.

OME (Glue Ear)/ Adenoid and Grommet Position Paper ENT UK 2009 -- click here to read